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Luke 18:35-43



1. What is an example where you have been nose blind to a smell? Or a smell that you suddenly became aware of?

2. What is a specific sin that you were blind to that God is in his mercy showed to you? How did this take place?

3. What are some of the barriers to showing compassion & mercy to others’ sins? What reasons do you need to remind yourself to show mercy to those who are “blind” to their sin?

4. Consider Hebrews 11:6. Is there a biblical story that you can think of where a character found God to be a rewarder to them? Any ways that you have already seen this to be true in following & trusting Jesus?

5. Consider Galatians 3:1-4 and what do you see that shows the same model for dealing with sin for salvation is related to how to keep growing in holiness & humility (sanctification)?

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