1 Corinthians 7:17-24



1. We said that "You don't have a job. You have a calling." What is the primary work you are engaged in right now? Do you tend to see it more as "just job" or as something that God has "called you to" in this season?

2. We said that the inspired creation narratives of Genesis convince us that there is great dignity in work. Walk through the places we see this.

3. We said that God "strengthens the bars of your gates," meaning he see to it that a community is a safe place where everyone can thrive. Through whose work does he do this for a city? For a church? For a home?


4. We said that "Your job is a means by which you love and serve others (the common good)." Think of your work right now. What are all the ways that what you are doing serves or helps or blesses others.