Luke 8 : 1-3



1: Were you surprised to read Luke emphasizing the fact that a number of women were accompanying and supporting Jesus on His mission? Why or why not?

2: The first thing Luke tells us about that women who were with Christ Jesus and His Apostles is that they has been "healed" by Jesus. How does this accord with our commitment to gospel centrality, and all ministry flowing from grace? What does this look like in your life?

3a: If you are a woman, are there specific areas of your life where Christ has healed you? Are there places where you need to experience that healing? How are you pursing that healing?

3b: If you are husband, how are you encouraging and supporting your wife in growing in her understanding and embrace of gospel truth and in supporting the mission of God?

4: At Seven Mile Road, we are trying to build a culture where women are valued, discipled, equipped, and mobilized for ministry. Could words similar to those in this text be written about our church? Where is that evidenced?

BONUS: We said that Genesis 1:28 gives us the "3 anthropological essentials" that frame our self-understanding of what it means to be human:

1: We were created by God
2: In His image
3: Male and female


What are some implications of these doctrinal truths our our lives?