LUKE 8:19-21



1. Was Jesus dissing his family in the way he responded to their request to see him? Why or why not?

2. One reality that all of us needs to navigate is how our "nuclear family" life intersects with our "gospel family" life.  What has that looked like recently for you? Have there been times when you have believed the lie that the two are in competition with one another? Did you tend to "favor" one over the other? Why?

3. We said that "When we see that this is not a zero sum game what happens is that the church helps our family to be centered on what is most important and the family strengthens and advances the mission of the church." What would it like for your "little nuclear family" to be tightly synced with your "big gospel family?" What are some of the challenges? Opportunities?

4. Jesus said that the big family brought into existence through the gospel is known for its members being all-in on all that God through His word calls them to. What are recent places in your life where you have asked, :"What does God want me to do?" and tried to live that out?