LUKE 10:1-20



1. Have you been too narrow in understanding our mission as followers of Jesus? What are some ways your perspective might be supersized now?

2. Is the Kingdom in mind as you go about your tasks? Do you see from v.3-12 a particular principle that shapes your thinking differently?

3. When have you last prayed for God’s Harvest & more laborers to be provided? What would be a practical step to take to encourage you to pray more for the mission of God to go forward? (Can you pray for specific missional work now when you are meeting)

4. What are some marks of a ministry marked by peace akin to the mission of the 72 words of peace and peaceful activity (instead of frenetic or contentious)? Also take a look at 1 Tim 2:1-6

5. How does the contrast of Satan’s stay in heaven vs. those who have their names written in heaven encourage you or motivate you in your missional activities?

6. What are some ways you can (or presently are) try to love or lead your friends & neighbors to Jesus? How do the dire stakes mentioned in Luke 10 hit you and have you consider the mission again?