In unpacking the "love theme" in the book of Ruth we said, "This book is about learning to love. It answers questions like: what does love look like? What does love cost? How does God bless those who love?" And that should be exciting, because learning to love is inseparable from coming alive as a Christian. Some of us are dead spiritually right now because we are not loving anyone but ourselves. This book is going to give us a vision for something better. If we let it, it will lead us into a life of love."

  1. Would you say that your life is characterized by love for God and others right now?

  2. Who are you loving? What does that look like? How has God blessed it? 

  3. Who are you not loving well that you should be? Why not?

In introducing the "hope theme" we said, "Even in the deepest. darkest. worst of times, God is always preserving a remnant of His people, and through them He is always advancing the cause of the gospel. Always. That’s our dream for this church: to live in a culture that does what is right in its own eyes as people who try - from the inside out - to do what’s right in God’s eyes and are blessed in every way because of it."

  1. Do you feel that you are fully invested in that happening in our church in 2020?

  2. Where the answer is 'yes,' what does that look like for you?

  3. Where is it 'no,' why not and what can change?