1: Is your natural bent to live more from cynicism or optimism? Give some examples of what this looks/has looked like.

2: We said that "Ruth's optimism ("I shall find favor") was not rooted in wishful thinking but in her estimation of the character of God." What does this mean? Why is it important?

3: Ruth found more grace than even she could possibly have anticipated. What was on that list? When have you had a similar experience in life?

4: Are you in a season where you are like Naomi, meaning that bitter providences in the recent past have you down about the future? If yes, what are some possible next gospel-shaped steps you can take with energy and expectancy?

5: We said that "Rather than belittling Naomi for her cynicism, Ruth loved her back to life by living out gospel optimism for her good." What did this look like in the story? Do you have a "Naomi" in your life who needs you to do this for them?