1: What are some answers to the questions "what is marriage for?" Consider/critique those reasons in light of what Scripture says about marriage.

2: We said that both Ruth and Boaz were moving toward marriage for reasons deeper than just "their happiness." What were those reasons?​ How did God accomplish more than they ever could have imagined through their "yes" to a missional marriage?

3: Give some examples in our day of how a marriage can serve as a means of leading others to the grace of Christ?

4: What is the difference between thinking in terms of "marriage as duty" versus "marriage as gospel-advancing mission?"


5: In observing how Naomi put together a 5-part plan to connect Ruth and Boaz we said that "planning is not manipulation, but an act of love that makes room for gospel-advancing action." If you are someone who views planning with skepticism, how can this truth change the way you think about the planners in your life?