1.      What are some objections you’ve heard to the miracles of the Bible? How does it feel sometimes in making sense of the Bible’s miracles & our current culture/world?

2.      What do you make of Mary’s question of “How” in Luke 1:34?  Have you had a moment like this before in your following of Jesus where you knew God was leading but you didn’t understand how?

3.      Jesus as fully man & fully God in 1 person probably brings to mind questions or passages of the Bible to think about. Feel free to have a discussion or hear questions or interesting comments on this. If not much comes up, then read John 1:1-14 aloud to the group and ask about how points made in the sermon show up in this passage.

4.      Read Hebrews 4:14-16. What are some ways you can practically apply the truth of the Virgin Birth and these words from Hebrews?

5.      What are some of the implications of our sinful Depravity by nature/disposition & by deed thought? (Some were mentioned but what other points come to mind)

6.      Which one of the applications connect with you the most:
·      Know that Jesus is able to bear our sin and truly bring us righteousness.
·      Marvel at the Wisdom & Power of God in the Virgin Birth of Christ
·      Hold it in High Esteem Not Embarrassment


Luke 1:26-38