1. "When I was shipwrecked, I thought of you." Who are the people in your life that serve as the "you" for you? Why are they the ones you would move toward?

2. We said that we could see Elizabeth being "bothered" "self-consumed" or "threatened" in response to Mary knocking on her door and needing care. Do you tend to respond in any of these ways to people? Which ones and what does that look like? Are there other responses that characterize you?

3. We said that Mary being "filled with the Spirit" communicated the gospel principle that it wasn't just Elizabeth receiving/speaking to Mary in her time of need, but God as well, through Elizabeth. When have you sensed that God was loving/gospeling you through someone else like this? 

4. Who might God be calling you to receive/love/gospel in this season? What can you be doing now the be ready to receive them well?


Luke 1:39-45, 56