1.      From Jesus’ teaching in our passage of Luke 4:16-30 and the quotation from Isaiah 61:1-2 what are some key ways that Jesus fulfilled these words in his life and ministry?

2.      Have you felt the truth of the two proverbs from Luke 4:23ff that are mentioned? What is an example where the tendency for these proverbs in the church hurt the truth from being received?
         a. Physician, heal thyself…or prove what you are saying?
         b. Prophet not accepted in his hometown…know you too well to  believe

3.       What was the point of the stories of Elijah and Elisha again? (See 1 King 17:8ff & 2 Kings 5)? [Answer it was about focusing on faith instead of ethnic heritage i.e. Gentiles are included and focus is on faith in Jesus]

4.      Familiarity, Entitlement, Pride, can you relate how any of these played a factor in delaying your coming to belief in Jesus and His gospel?

5.      What are some practical ways that you never lose sight of the good news that Jesus has come to save you?

6.      What is it like to be around a professing Christian who seems to have lose sight of their own unworthiness for the gospel and Jesus’ mercy & grace in their life?


Luke 4:16-30