1.      What are some reasons you think parties work so well at connecting people even those with different belief systems?

2.      Read 1 Corinthians 10:31 & 1 Timothy 6:17 and how do these inform our parties and dinners as Christians?

3.      As the story of Levi is a picture of the all disciples of Jesus, how does this story resemble your own call to follow Christ? Where were you, What did you need to leave and turn away from? How did Jesus meet you personally in that time?

4.      How does Jesus showing a ministry of association rather than segregation inform the way we should do mission in our church? Is there a way the idea of Contagious Holiness change your view to reaching out to outsiders around you?

5.      What does it mean for all of the Christian life to be marked by repentance? How does the idea that we are at the same time a Sinner and a Saint comfort you in your daily following of Jesus?

6.      What are some ways you can move towards Outsiders/the Unlikely through intentional activities in the coming weeks/months? What are some ways you can remind yourself of Gospel Driven Hope in these activities?


Luke 5:27-32