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Turning for the Lord’s Help


1 Samuel 7


1. The core of idolatry is believing or living like God isn’t present, so in restlessness of our daily lives we look to something else that is more visible or tangible to trust in and to get the results we desire.
       What idols come to mind from this      
       explanation? Why are tempted to turn to

2. What are some ways God has recalibrated    
  your heart affections in the past? Anything
  recently that He has been doing this with?


3. Read Philippians 2:17. What is Paul’s point of comparison with a drink offering? How does 1 Samuel 7:6 add more to the understanding?

4. How does prayer loosen your grip on things? How does this demonstrate trust in God?

5. From 1 Samuel 7:12 what does “till now the Lord has helped us” mean? And how might you see this evidenced in your own life?

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