Is a Prince Any Match for a King?


LUKE 11:14-28



1. What is a point of division or misalignment that you’ve worked through or need to work through in your marriage (or another relationship) ?

2. How do you wrestle with the unseen realities of the Bible (such as demons & angels)? Do you have a way that approach these things that engenders belief? What is a part of doubt you struggle with in believing?

3. How does the Power that Jesus shows in the text give you hope? What are some ways the power of God gives you hope?

4. What are some areas in your life right now where you are showing you are “with Jesus?” What do you point to as examples of hearing God’s Word & keeping it?

5. What points of beauty do you see in the parable of the strongman applied to the situation in Luke? Do you have an example in your own life where you have seen Jesus show Himself stronger than a temptation or someone else in your life?

If there are questions about angels & demons here are the 5 theological conclusions that were offered in the sermon for reference to consider:

1. Angels are real. God created angels. Angels are servants and messengers of God.

2.    Satan was an angel of God with the name Lucifer. He sinned against God wanting to take the position of the Most High God for himself and was cast down or cast out of Heaven.

3.    Other angels followed Satan in prideful sin and
opposition to God. These are referred to as Fallen Angels or Demons.

4.    Angels, Satan, and Demons are not God. They are
not all powerful. They cannot read our minds. They cannot be in all places at once. They are given some free range on earth to do evil.

5.    Every genre (Narrative, Poetry, Prophetic Speech,
Gospels, Epistle, and Apocalypse) of the Bible includes discussion of angels.
There are unseen spiritual realities that the Bible attests that we cannot consistently interact with via the scientific method. The angelic realm both the ongoing worship/service to God and the work of fallen angels/demons & Satan continues today.