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*A family of churches

built for New England

In 2019, the gospel advanced in 6 different New England cities because of your generous giving to our work. 

Thank you.

Here is what your giving made possible...

Hyannis is getting started.

In June, we sent the Stuart family back their home of Cape Cod to plant Seven Mile Road Hyannis. What started as one family of four on a mission has grown into a gospel community of around 20 people who were able to interact with 100 local families during Hyannis’ Christmas Stroll.

Kennebunk is growing.

From its growing Sunday morning gathering to its crowded gospel communities, our Kennebunk church has connected this year with dozens of locals living in and around the Kennebunks.

Malden baptized a global/local.

This is why we planted a church in Malden! So that a Chinese student living in Malden could step through the doors of a church within walking distance of her home and hear the good news of Jesus that would forever change her life. 

Melrose is thriving.

Our original Seven Mile Road is growing deeper and wider on its mission to see every Bostonian Jesus gives us loved and gospeled really well.

Waltham baptized Dominique.

A newly born daughter of God, she's now sharing the gospel with her unbelieving husband in word and deed. After a year of observing her, he's agreed to go to church with her every other Sunday and is starting to form relationships with folks at Seven Mile Road.

Wakefield is growing.

Restoration Road, a church we planted in 2012, has seen so much fruit from its efforts at personal and city-wide evangelism, with over 100 Bostonians regularly connecting with the church.

All this happens
because you give.

We are in the last few months of a 4-year effort to raise funds for our work.


has been given from outside sources through the first 3 years to all 5 Seven Mile Road churches plus our Catalyst Fund.

We'd love to push that figure over $2,000,000.

To give to our Catalyst Fund, click below:

*Thank you.


Matthew Kruse


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