Seven Mile Road is a gospel-centered church built to love and lead Bostonians to Jesus.


We are looking for a Ministries Coordinator & Mission Catalyst to provide operational leadership, ministry coordination/support, and missional propulsion across all aspects of our Melrose church’s life.


The scope of work is broad and will entail:


  • mission and ministries support and coordination

  • volunteer recruitment, training, and mobilization

  • gospel communities population and support

  • hospitality and connections

  • Sunday operations

  • space management

  • communications: internal

  • communications: external (social media, website, publicity)

  • content creation (non-pastoral)

  • event planning and execution

  • contact work in the local community


In this role, a typical stretch might include the following:


  • Assisting Kalos Team in planning and executing bi-annual woman’s retreat.

  • Connecting personally with several newcomers who are interested in becoming a part of a gospel community and need to be guided to a right-fit.

  • Coordinating with the Melrose Human Rights Commission to host the meal for the annual Martin Luther King Jr. day, then handling the details for providing a creative and memorable meal.

  • Developing and executing a plan for capitalizing on free publicity opportunities in Melrose, Wakefield, Saugus, and Stoneham civic circles.

  • Envisioning, creating, and leading a Connections process for welcoming and following-up with visitors, including managing a small team of devoted, gifted, and equipped volunteers.

  • Handling all logistics for throwing a church-wide Family Meal and Mission Night.

  • Helping execute a Sunday morning where we gather as gospel communities, including resourcing all gospel community leaders with expectations, helping them implement their missional vision for the day, collecting stories and images, publicizing internally and externally.

  • Hosting half-day trainings to equip all children’s teachers in the basics of leading Sunday morning gospel formation classes.

  • Maintaining church-wide ministry and mission calendar.

  • Managing 4000 s/f children’s space, including seasonal refreshes of toys and equipment and a thorough seasonal cleaning.

  • Managing a database with 70+ children being formed in the gospel with us

  • Managing a space improvement project like painting or Spring cleaning.

  • Managing our presence at the annual Melrose Victorian Fair, including reserving space, creatively designing our booth experience, recruiting and mobilizing volunteers to serve on site, etc.

  • Mobilizing a team of volunteers to receive and prepare curriculum for an entire quarter of children’s gospel formation.

  • Overseeing seasonal movement of children into appropriate classes as they age, including communicating with parents and teachers.

  • Planning and executing all details for a regional leadership training with 100+ attendees.

  • Planning and managing two full work-days on our Melrose space by a 10-person visiting mission team.

  • Providing ministry support to our Mom’s Group, including communicating with the leaders about their needs and creatively working with them to connect broadly with moms in the area.

  • Providing support to pastoral and diaconal teams as needed, including meeting space preparation.

  • Re-envisioning and redesigning our foyer space to better connect with first time visitors, including making decisions on layout, furniture, decorative elements, etc.

  • Sitting in on diaconal team meetings to be aware of ways to support their ministry initiatives.

  • Studying, improving, and documenting processes for setting up the foyer, sanctuary, and children’s spaces for Sunday mornings.

  • Utilizing Planning Center to schedule dozens of volunteers for a 13-week stretch of service to the church on Sunday mornings.

  • Working a plan to capture stories and images of the missional life of the Melrose congregation and promote on social media.


This role might be for you if:


  • You enjoy creating spaces and experiences where people feel welcome and connect deeply with each other. You love to throw a party, from idea through execution. You enter a room and think immediately how it could be beautified.

  • You communicate well. You know how to tell a story in a way that both communicates essentials and captures imagination. You’re comfortable with social media. You love to help someone grasp, through language and imagery, the core of what’s trying to be communicated.

  • You are comfortable being either a driver or a helper. You understand intuitively which is required of you in every circumstance and happily work accordingly.

  • You like being with and helping people. You are as happy seeing someone else thriving in their work as you are in thriving yourself. You enjoy being a part of a team that works together with unity, energy, and clarity.

  • You are organized. You can build, document, and implement systems. You’re good with managing databases, spreadsheets, and long-range calendars. Booking all the details for a trip, ordering 4 levels of children’s curriculum, or figuring out a schedule and menu for 40 workshop attendees does not annoy you.

  • You enjoy a week with varied tasks. A mix of simple, routine tasks and complex, one-shot projects works for you. You’re ok with working some hours from home, some in the office, and some in the community. Some days start at 7am, others end at 11pm, and you like that variety. You’re good with meeting up with the Seven Milers you are serving at times and locations that are most convenient for them.

  • You love “all-set, ungospeled” Bostonians and want to invest your life in seeing Seven Mile Road become a healthy church that gives clear and compelling witness to the real Jesus. You are committed to, wired for, and excited about our missional essentials of hospitality, creativity, and the-long-game.


Here’s what we are looking for in potential candidates:


  • Track record of working with/coordinating multiple people and initiatives simultaneously

  • Demonstrable hospitality experience in church settings, event planning, or retail environments

  • Strong communication skills in business, storytelling, or social media

  • Track record of seeing projects through from idea stage to execution

  • Comfortable in a variety of social settings and skilled at building relationships with a variety of people

  • Track record of supporting others in accomplishing their goals

  • Facility and vendor management experience

  • Track record of humble service in the life of a church (Seven Mile Road or previous)

  • Clear understanding of the mission of Seven Mile Road Melrose and the ability to express it to others


Some other important details:


  • This is a full-time staff position serving our Melrose congregation.

  • You’ll be reporting directly to the Lead Pastor.

  • You’ll office out of our Melrose space, but your work schedule and location will be highly flexible.

  • All applicants must be in agreement with Seven Mile Road’s Statement of Faith and willing to submit to our Code of Conduct for staff.


A little more about our church:


Seven Mile Road Melrose is one of a family of gospel centered-churches committed to making disciples in greater Boston and beyond. Our five essentials are: gospel-centrality, holiness and humility, orthodox theology, relational intimacy, and missional living. We are the original Seven Mile Road congregation, having been in Malden for 9 years and now Melrose for 6. Broadly speaking, we began as a regional church built to attract and gospel already-Christians. We grew, and then multiplied (7 churches so far) and moved (both geographically and chronologically). Our new context requires becoming a more local-missional church built to meet, love, and gospel not-yet Christians as well as already-Christians. We are realigning everything we do behind that mission. This position is an essential element of the plan.


With questions or to apply for this position, please email


If applying, include:


  • a letter of interest

  • resume


Interest letters and resumes must be received on or before June 1, 2017.




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