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Seven Mile Road is a gospel-centered church built for Bostonians.

We are hiring a Ministry Coordinator to provide operational leadership and ministry coordination/support to all aspects of the life and mission of our church in Melrose.

This is a full-time staff position, working on a team with our Lead Pastor and Mission Catalyst.


The Ministry Coordinator reports directly to and works with the Lead Pastor.


The Ministry Coordinator offices primarily out of our Melrose space.


There is periodic, brief travel included in this role.


All applicants must be in agreement with Seven Mile Road’s Statement of Faith and willing to submit to our Code of Conduct for staff.



With questions or to apply for this position, please email


If applying, include:

1: A letter of interest


2: Resume


Interest letters and resumes must be received on or before Monday, February 17, 2020.


There are 7 key areas of work the Ministries Coordinator is responsible for:


1: Ministry Support and Coordination, including Children’s Ministry

2: Volunteer Recruitment, Training, and Mobilization

3: Sunday Operations

4: Space Management

5: Connections and Assimilation

6: Communications

7: Event Planning and Execution


Here is a sampling of the different kinds of tasks and responsibilities assigned to the Ministry Coordinator:

1: Ministry Support and Coordination, including Children’s Ministry

Ministry Coordinator administrates Children’s Ministry, including:


  • Manage and upkeep of children’s database

  • Manage and upkeep of background checks

  • Manage annual promotion process

  • Purchase, receive, and prepare curriculum

  • Organize and furnish space

  • Recruit and train teachers

  • Manage check-in technology and equipment

  • Lead annual Teacher Training Day


Ministries Coordinator also provides support to our Playgroup, Kalos Team, Band, Student Ministry, etc. including things like: purchasing items they need, securing reservations at hotels or retreat venues, making sure new song lyrics are in ProPresenter, prepping space logistics for meetings or events, etc. Some of these are simple jobs (purchasing a vacuum for Playgroup) and some are quite intense (handling all logistics, including meals, for a Kalos Team overnight). 


2: Volunteer Recruitment, Training, and Mobilization

  • Upkeep database of who serves how

  • Perpetually recruit in concert with pastors

  • Run quarterly scheduling process

  • Manage and upkeep of People database in Planning Center

  • Manage thank you’s 

  • Respond to concerns and needs of volunteers

3: Sunday Operations

  • Oversee Setup Team, Lyrics Team, Point People, and Connections Team

  • Prep hospitality and children's spaces, check-in-station, and ProPresenter

  • Arrive early and stay late so as to be available for whatever needs come up

4: Space Management

  • Maintain cleanliness and organization of key spaces throughout the building

  • Oversee periodic space projects as they come up, i.e. brick wall installation, selecting and procuring furniture for office space upstairs, fence installation, ramp lift project, etc.

  • Host and mobilize annual mission team’s work project, including planning project, purchasing materials, communicating the plan, managing the team, feeding the team, etc.

  • Supervise annual cleaning day

  • Oversee trash and recycling

  • Work with Lead Pastor on signage ideas for our space, both to inform (people know where to go or what is happening) and inspire (DNA communicated)

  • Oversee decorations for Christmas season

5: Connections and Assimilation

  • Design and implement all aspects of a first-time visitor’s experience with us

  • Populate Trello Board with Connect Card information

  • Send follow up emails to all visitors, welcoming them and connecting them to next steps

  • Connect people interested in Gospel Community with leaders

  • Send personalized invitations to Connections Breakfasts and 101 Nights

  • Shepherd movement to membership


6: Communications

  • Thoughtfully plan and design Sunday morning announcements

  • Build and send out weekly MailChimp email updates

  • Build and send out any important announcements or reminders

  • Design and promote informational website pages for special events

  • Record monthly update podcasts

  • Republish Welcome Booklet as needed

  • Curate social media presence

  • Communicate with local neighborhood i.e. Christmas Eve invitations, information on upcoming events that may trigger cars being parked at an unusual time, thank you/gift cards at Christmas

  • Manage members on Slack workspace, regularly adding and removing any new members

  • Take or solicit excellent pictures of everything that happens

  • Manage the master calendar of all Seven Mile Road scheduling realities


7: Event Planning and Execution

Throughout the year there are events (large and small) that the Ministry Coordinator must handle execution of. This includes an array of activities like space logistics, catering, volunteer management, recruiting babysitting, promotion, RSVP, swag, etc.


  • Acts29 Training Events (1)

  • Connections Breakfasts (3)

  • 101 Nights (4)

  • Staff or Leaders Christmas Party (1)

  • Volunteer Thank You Lunch (1)

  • Member Forums (2)

  • One Day Intensives (1)

  • Gospel Community Trainings (4)

  • Galas (every 20 years)

  • Serving the City At Home for the Holidays (1)

  • Fourth of July Bike Parade (1)




  • You like getting things done.

  • You are organized. You can build, document, and implement systems. You’re good with managing databases, spreadsheets, and long-range calendars. Booking all the details for a trip, ordering 4 levels of children’s curriculum, or figuring out a schedule and menu for 40 workshop attendees does not annoy you.


  • You enjoy creating spaces and experiences where people feel welcome and connect deeply with each other.


  • You are comfortable being either a leader or a helper. You understand intuitively which is required of you in each circumstance and happily work accordingly.


  • You like being with and helping people. You are as happy seeing someone else thriving in their work as you are in thriving yourself. You enjoy being a part of a team that works together with unity, energy, and clarity.


  • You enjoy a week with varied tasks. A mix of simple, routine tasks and complex, one-time projects works for you.


  • You’re ok with some “ministry flex” to your schedule.


  • You love all-set, ungospeled Bostonians and want to invest your life in seeing Seven Mile Road become a place where every Bostonian Jesus gives us is loved and gospeled well.


  • You are committed to, wired for, and excited about our missional essentials of boldness, hospitality, creativity, and the long-game.

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