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While no connections process is ever perfectly linear, here are four ways we encourage new folks to get invested in the life and mission of our church.

1: Spend some time around Seven Mile Road


There is no replacement for lots of unrushed time with our pastors and people. Participate in some worship services, listen to our preaching, share a meal with some Seven Milers, ask a lot of questions, and do whatever else would help you get a clear sense of the doctrine and culture of our church.

2: Attend a Connections Breakfast

Every few months we have a Connections Breakfast before the service where you can share a meal with our pastors and ask anything you want.

3: Participate in SMR101

Three times a year we run our SMR101 membership class. These are a perfect environment to engage on the essentials of who we are and what we are going for as a church together. 

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