Almost all ministry and mission work that gets done at Seven Mile Road gets done in the context of teams.


This means Seven Milers who are super different from each other in personality, family background, level of foodiness, musical tastes, preferred time of day to work, and personal hygiene somehow work together for the glory of God and the good of the people we’ve been given and are sent to. We’ve got townies, transplants, night owls, early risers, TB12ers, Beachmont Roast Beefers, mountain climbers, beach bums, on-timers, and fashionably-laters, all working side-by-side for gospel advance.

Our next serve interest meeting is February 12, where you can hear from leaders of each of these teams and get connected. To start serving on any of our teams, attend the serve interest meeting on February 12 or email

Here is a list of our current ministry teams:



Prepare our space for our Sunday worship service. 

The Band

Leads our congregation in song. 

Soundbooth Heroes

Works with The Band to help the audio to be clear for the worship service. 

Lyrics & Livestream

Guides those at home and in-person through the service by managing the presentation and streaming program.

Hospitality & Connections

Warmly greets folks on Sundays, answering any questions and assisting any first-time guests.

Seven Mile Kids 

Loves and gospels the 50+ children who are a part of our church.


Crawlers (1 and 2 years old)

Climbers (3 and 4 years old)

Builders (K and 1st grade)

Explorers (2nd – 3rd grades)


Students (4th – 6th)
Leads students each week on Sunday morning before worship service begins. 


Students (7th – 12th)
Leads students each week on Sunday nights in study of the Word and gospel friendship.