In His grace, Jesus provides His church with leaders who give their lives to strengthen the members of the body and lead the mission.

Seven Mile Road has a very simple and straight-forward polity. Our pastoral team bears senior responsibility for the life and mission of the church, like fathers in a family, and so are infused with authority to lead the ministries of Word, prayer, discipline, and governance. Our diaconal teams assist the elders in a myriad of ways. All of this is supported by a strong staff and a vibrant, active, faith-marked congregation being mobilized for gospel advance.


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Hey, I'm Matthew Kruse, and no one has benefited more than me, hands down, from Jesus bringing Seven Mile Road into existence. I'm a Bostonian kid (grew up in Revere and Everett) and a wicked bad sinner ransomed by our Father's wild grace. My dream is to see hundreds of men, women, and children living just north of Boston swept into the family of God as they connect with our church and are given a clear and compelling witness to the grace, beauty, and power of the real Jesus. I serve the life and mission of our Melrose congregation as our Lead Pastor. Grace and I have been married since 1996 and we have four quickly-growing-up sons and daughters who you'd love.

Ministry Coordinator & Mission Catalyst

Hey there, I’m Heather, born and raised in the southern part of Virginia, where my life was dramatically changed by the grace of the gospel. My husband and I moved to the greater Boston area in 2013 where we were warmly welcomed into the Seven Mile family. After embedding ourselves in the community and submerging ourselves in Bostonian culture we too began to share the desire for all Bostonians to know the real Jesus. I now serve Seven Mile Melrose as the Ministries Coordinator and Mission Catalyst, focusing on mission propulsion in Melrose and beyond. My husband Michael and I have been married since 2012 and have planted ourselves in Melrose along with our quickly growing baby boy. Its God’s grace to me that I am able to watch the gospel on display in the lives of those we serve and to work towards gospel truth flourishing in our city.


Hey, I'm Matt, my wife Laura and I have been a part of Seven Mile Road Melrose for the last 8 years. We were married here in 2012 and have since welcomed three babies into the world here. Our family has been overwhelmingly blessed to be a part of a gospel-centered church that loves Jesus and seeks to love the locals we are sent to. We are both native New Englanders so our love for Bostonians and the culture is deep.  By God's incredible grace I now serve alongside a team of Pastors to the Melrose congregation and help shepherd every Bostonian Jesus gives us to know and love him. Matt loves books, a true bibliophile. He enjoys buying them, holding them, reading them, and oddly enough smelling them. One day when he is ready to pass them to his kids he will do so and they will probably throw them away.



I’m Tim. I have seen my own life encouraged and my thinking sharpened by the people of Seven Mile Road working hard to learn from and follow the teachings of Jesus. Hailing from suburban Detroit, I didn’t come to Boston for the weather, but I came with a desire to be a part of the work God is doing in the lives of Bostonians and developed a deep love for this region. Out of that desire and love, I serve as a pastor at Seven Mile Road Melrose. I am excited about the group of people God is forming to be a community doing life together in Melrose and the ongoing life-changing work God is doing in us – starting with me. I married my wife Katie in 2004, and we have embarked on an adventure together that has included travel, one never-ending good conversation, and the joyful challenge of raising our young son.



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