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Dive deep into the breaktaking doctrines of the Christian faith.

Thursday evenings for 10 weeks, September - November. 

What is The Purpose of This Track?

To provide a foundation in Christian theology for those in and around our church so that we might think, believe, in light of truth found through Scripture and received by the church.


We will utilize the New City Catechism as a format and primary preparation tool for the track, and we'll expanded on themes and words used in the catechism to help give broader understanding.

How Does This Track Work?

Come to the church building in Melrose and sit with others trying to think deeply about God's word and how it relates to our lives around big theological topics.


Questions are encouraged throughout a learning context of self-discovery, group discussion, and lectures providing multiple ways to engage with the content and come to informed answers.

What Would Success Look Like?

At the end of the track, if you have a greater appreciation for thinking deeply about rich theological truth and can begin to understand how to come to these conclusions using tools and methods described in the course, we will have had a successful time.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can jump in this year! The requirement is a desire to learn more about theology and deepen one's love for the study of God.

When Does This Track Meet?

Thursday evening in the fall


How Do I Sign Up?

If you are interested, fill out this simple form to register. The questions are an opportunity for us to get to know and serve you well this year. 

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