If we're going to live on mission together, staying connected is essential.

Here are the 3 ways we communicate at Seven Mile Road:


MailChimp is how we do all our EXTERNAL communications.

All important Seven Mile Road news and information gets sent out via email to everyone on our list. Anyone can sign up to receive these emails and stay in the loop!

To get connected to MailChimp, click the monkey below:

Slack is how we do all our INTERNAL communications.

Almost all ministry at Seven Mile Road gets done in the context of teams, and Slack is how we talk to one another. Slack is only for folks who are committed to the life and mission of the church. This would mean either members or those who are heading toward membership. 

To get connected to Seven Mile Slack, click the icon below:


Planning Center is how SUNDAYS happen.

We have nearly 50 volunteers who make Sundays go from week to week, whether it be serving with children, music, audio, video, setup, or connections. Planning Center is how we schedule and communicate with everyone who's doing this work with us.

To get connected to Planning Center, click the weird p below: